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Church of St Guidos,pulpit
Church of St Guidos,Pulpit2
Church of St Guidos,side altar
Church of St Mary with bell tower
Church of St Mary's Assumption, the driveway
Church of St Mary's Assumption, the old crypt covers
Church of St Mary's assumption,Leaning Tower
Church of St Mary's Assumption,plaque
Church of St Mary's Assumption,the leaning tower
City Market, tomatoes
City Market,nectarines
City Market,outside view
City Market,Peppers
City Market,the out side part
City Market
City tower at nite
City tower Plaque
City Tower, clock dial details
City Tower, Clock Tower
City Tower, Coat of arms of Rijeka
City tower, entry
City Tower, gate detail
City Tower, nite the plaza
City Tower, rest of clock tower

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