We're here to let you know the things to do and see here in La Maddalena. There's tons of history in the area and festivals happen at the drop of a hat. I have a thing for history, and there are a lot of links to history pages here. For the ancient and Neolithic, check out the archeology section, For the military historian, the forts section has some good data and photos regarding some of the 35 Fortifications in the Archipelago. There are itineraries for day trips and Listings of Sardinian Festivals. Get out and see the rich heritage.

The Guardia Vecchia at sundown




Lively School Website

Battleship Roma
More Links to pictures



Gallery of Scenes around the Island of La Maddalena

Pictures of me enjoying the good life. Pic 2￿ Pic 3 ￿

At the Coliseum in Rome


These are photos of the area of La Madd around the city center and Caprera
These are yet more photos of La Madd behind walking around town
These are photos of the area of La Madd behind and above Cala Gavetta
These are even MORE photos of La Madd, Just wandering about
These are photos of the AS 39 visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia
This is stuff from Opatija, Croatia
This is stuff from Rijeka, Croatia
These are photos of the Amalfi Coast
These are photos of Sorrento and the area
These are photos of the Patheon at night with the fountain out front
This is stuff from The best Flea market in Europe, Rome's Sunday Porto Portese Market
This is Pictures in some of Rome's Churches
This is stuff from The Etruscan graveyard at Sutri
This is The Sacred well at Santa Cristina Sardegna What awesome stonework for 1000 BC!!
This are pictures from the ancient city of Ephesos,Turkey
This is stuff from The Egyptian Museum In Cairo!
This is stuff from the greek city of Paestum, south of Naples
This is stuff from Corfu, Greece
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There is a slew of local data at
www.lamaddalena.comCheck out this site too.

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